About John Morehouse

Dear Friends:

I am dedicated to the work of ministry and spiritual renewal. On this site you will  have the opportunity to learn more about my approach to that sacred task.  I believe in a truly shared ministry; creating opportunities to grow in spirit, community and institutional maturity. My style of ministry is transformational.  Whether it is as pastoral chaplain, a spiritual director, consultant or parish minister, my ministry is about awakening that potential towards proactive change both for the congregations and individuals.

I bring my experience and wisdom to those I serve. I am an innovator.  I have studied and incorporated social media into my ministry recognizing that our future will include new ways of relating to one another.  As a certified Spiritual Director, my primary orientation is to focus on how the Spirit is moving in us and among us. I am also a capable pastor, but I believe in training and equipping others to do this important ministry.  I have had extensive experience in growing and training staff teams, including as the lead minister of a multi minister church. I also offer my services as a congregational consultant specializing in strategic planning and vision casting.

Teaching and community service are an important passion in my ministry and I will continue to commit myself to the public ministry of any group I serve. I have been a contributing journalist, television host, blogger and spokesperson for inter-faith understanding.

morehouse-lake-cc-square I urge you to look at my published writings and on-line contributions at my current church http://www.uuwestport.org and on my blog http://facing-grace.blogspot.com These coupled with this packet and further conversations will paint a more complete picture of my ministry and how we might see transforming a future together.

I am, most of all, a visionary.  I believe that progressive faith is waiting to break open into the hearts of the many who have yet to find us. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in faith,

Rev. John Morehouse