Unitarian Universalism

I believe that Unitarian Universalism has the power to change the world.  We are uniquely poised to attract and engage those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” by making ours a religion that is “spiritually religious but not dogmatic”.  I am an innovator in our religious movement, embracing the next generation of religious leaders as a partner, mentor, teacher and student. In my current congregation, I have taken up the call to reach out beyond our congregation offering workshops and retreats.  I embrace the opportunity to help any church I serve in becoming a “teaching congregation” bringing on intern ministers who are at the forming edge of what we yearn to become.

My social justice initiative, the Chalice Oak Foundation, is the first of its kind.  Chalice Oak Foundation is an incubator and leadership development organization that assists congregations, lay people and ministers from both within and without our movement to foster justice in the world.

My doctoral thesis is a curriculum, now published by the Fahs Collobrative, helps Unitarian Universalist leaders discern a shared theology that can be put into practice, leading their congregations towards becoming justice makers.  I have taught this and other aspects of congregational polity to seminarians at Meadville Lombard Theological School.

I am believe that ours is a saving faith.  As a fifth generation UU, I treasure our liberal heritage for its reasoned and open-minded approach to religion and our world.  I have served in many capacities in our districts and the UUA.  I have been a consulting minister for emerging congregations. I have served as a growth consultant, leadership strategist, and specialist in congregational safety.  For many years, I served on the Annual Program Fund Committee of the UUA, leading my district in stewardship giving to the association.  I currently serve as a panel chair for the Western Regional Sub-Committee on Candidacy for the UUA.  In this role, I help to shape and mentor the next generation of aspirants to our professional ministry.

I still believe we have so much to offer the world.  I welcome the opportunity to partner in ministry with a congregation that still believes we do as well.

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