I believe worship and music are the heart of the congregation.  I am well regarded nationally as a preacher and worship leader.  I use a team approach to worship arts, consulting weekly with the music director, other ministers and worship associates to create dynamic and innovative worship experiences.  I believe in engaging body, voice and words in each and every worship service and I have integrated those vehicles to great effect.  While preaching is my dominant style of worship, I have experimented with animal blessings, healing services and liturgical drama as well.  For several years I have incorporated a thematic approach to my worship ministry.  Each month the worship team works with me to design a series of worship services devoted to that theme.  We also attempt to involve our religious education and justice teams in this work as well.  We have subscribed to the Touchstones ( http://pwruua.org/touchstones-now-available-to-all-congregations/ )Project of the Pacific Western Region of the UUA in developing this thematic worship.  The resources they provide not only help us educate the congregation about what we are developing (their newsletter is sent out to each of our members) but connects us with other local congregations doing the same work.  Currently, we are planning on a Wednesday night vespers service followed by a shared meal, choir and classes.  This will be led by our intern minister.

Included in this section are selections of sermons as well as wedding and memorial services.  I encourage you to browse my church’s website for the complete selection of my published and spoken work.

Sermon Examples (mp3/audio files):
Recent sermons on SoundCloud [embedded player]
Finding the Hallowed [aiff]
Joining the Yellow Revolution [aiff]
Light Towards Something More [aiff]
Through the Storm [aiff]
What Makes Us Happy [aiff]

“Order of Service” Samples:

Reverend John during annual blessing of the animals.


Reverend Morehouse performing a wedding at Pacific Unitarian Church

Reverend Morehouse performing a wedding at Pacific Unitarian Church