In my references below I have attempted to reach across the broad reach of my ministry. Further references are available on request.

In terms of my overall ministry and service to Unitarian Universalism, our congregations and our district:
Rev. Dr. Karen Stoyanoff
UU Church of Anaheim

In terms of my experience as a senior minister and visionary:

Rev. Wendy Williams

Senior Minister

Jefferson Unitarian Church of Golden, CO

303-279-5282  x13

720-454-2754 cell

For my work with the denomination, stewardship and non-profit development generally:

Laurel Amabile
Former Director of the Annual Program Fund of the UUA
Consultant, Giving Speaks, a non-profit fundraiser

For my work as a adjunct faculty, teaching pastor and minister in general:
Rev. Dr. Lee Barker
President, Meadville Lombard Theological School
Office: 773-256-3000
Cell: 773-263-8122